The New Scania Streamline - IN SHAPE TO STAY AHEAD!

The New Scania Streamline - IN SHAPE TO STAY AHEAD!

3/26/2013 3:17:20 PM
Scania presented the new Scania Streamline at a special internet conference on March 21st. 

Scania Streamline is the name of Scania G and R series trucks which are optimised specially for low fuel consumption at long distance haulages. It is achieved up to 8% lower fuel consumption thanks to the new more efficient second-generation Euro 6 engines and other improvements. 

The new Scania Streamline boosts fuel economy to new levels by improving aerodynamics and Scania Opticruise performance modes.


Regarding the appearance - the cab has improved aerodynamics achieved by a new design of the cab corners around the headlights, as well as the changed sunvisor at the top of tractor.
Improving the aerodynamics lead to 1% reduction in fuel consumption.

There are many improvements also of Scania Opticruise. The software is completely new and besides standard, power and off-road modes, a new Economy mode was added for maximum fuel saving in long-haulage. This new Economy mode is fully integrated in Scania Active Prediction, thus provide fuel savings of up to 4-5 %. Scania Active Prediction is a predictive cruise control system that uses GPS and topographical map data to finely regulate the cruising speed. It is fully integrated in the new functionality, using different fuel-saving strategies in different performance modes. The new version of Scania Ecocruise is fitted in markets where no topo-graphical map data is available and  provides up to 1% reduction in fuel consumption.

Scania Streamline has also new Euro 6 engines. New 520 and 580 hp Euro 6 V8s provide exceptional performance and character.  Second-generation 450 and 490 hp Euro 6 engines provide fuel savings of up to 2 percent. A unique solution is also the 410 hp engine that achieves the Euro 6 standards only by SCR technology (only by adding AdBlue).
Scania customers now have a choice of nine Euro 6 outputs, ranging from the 250 hp 9-litre unit to the 580 hp V8.

With Streamline, Scania is introducing several new services that boost uptime and facilitate interaction with the workshop. Remote diagnostics enables workshops and Scania Assistance to run diagnostics remotely to prepare for servicing of the vehicle at the roadside or in the workshop with minimum downtime for the customer. This option is available only for vehicles equipped with Scania Communicator. The Scania Communicator provides a crucial link that connects the workshop with the vehicle. The new Scania Remote diagnostics service provides major benefits for customer uptime.

Other innovations are optimized Adblue tanks with a capacity of up to 100 liters, a new dual-battery system (one battery used for starting, and another separate battery system dedicated to handle comfort systems and personal equipment), improved cab interior (seat ventilation, wider bunk).


Deliveries of the new Scania Streamline will begin in the summer of 2013.

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